Club nights and parties are a lot of fun. But they’re also micro dumps for plastics and other waste products. Hiccup is a new collective that produces sustainable and carbon neutral events so you can rock on without harming the environment. We are founded on the pillars of inclusivity and welcome peoples of all gender, ability, race and sexual orientation.

Based in Sydney on Gadigal land, we work with local and international artists to bring Sydney closer to our 2030 sustainable Sydney initiative.

Hiccup is more than a party - it’s an experience. Our events work directly with multidisciplinary artists who transform spaces into experiential works to be enjoyed well into the sunrise.

Here at Hiccup we understand that possessing knowledge around sustainability is the key to keep our global temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius. Using events and art as a tool to share knowledge on the pressing climate emergency is a relaxed and accessible way for young people to engage. We also facilitate workshops and provide downloadable content to help with learning more about sustainable practices and how you can make an impact in your community.